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For The Trendsetter: Monk Strap Shoes

For The Trendsetter: Monk Strap Shoes

With a deep history that's hard to pinpoint, monk strap shoes are amongst the most advanced styles. Reserved for the trendy, this versatile choice is perfect for the modern working man.

The history of the monk shoe (or monk strap) can be traced back to Europe. Where monks favoured this closed style for the additional protection they offered, compared to the sandals they originally wore.

Ties - Fabrics, Patterns & Colours

Ties - Fabrics, Patterns & Colours

Choice is a funny thing. Not enough of it, and we feel unsatisfied. Too much of it and we feel confused and exhausted. Either way, we're setup to make a wrong decision.

A common experience when hunting for that perfect tie and shirt combination. Sure you've found that perfect suit, but with so many different options finishing off the entire look can be a tiresome process. From the different colours, fabrics and patterns. It gets tricky quick!

Golden Globes 2017 - The Best Dressed

Forget the awards, everyone knows the Golden Globes is all about being the best dressed. Here are our favourite looks from the 2017 Golden Globes.

The Sharpest In The Courtroom

The Sharpest In The Courtroom

Whilst Harvey Spector and Mike Ross have stereotyped the modern lawyer, to be sharp, concise and well dressed, this is not always the case.

In a conservative and traditional environment, your first impression is more important than you may think. Your attire will influence the way your client perceives you, and the firm you represent!

Clothing for Lawyers | Men's Suits Melbourne

Avoid Making These Suiting Mistakes

Womanising and drinking aside, Harvey Spector and Don Draper have something else in common.
They have a serious suit game! Always looking suave and sophisticated, thanks to their ability to not only wear the right suits, but to wear them correctly.This ability is the trademark of a true professional, and equally essential. After all, the sharpest suit money can buy can still look odd when worn incorrectly. It's all in the details, so pay attention.

Avoid making these common mistakes, and you'll be the sharpest in the boardroom in no time.

Richmond Store Reopen

Following the recent opening of our South Yarra and Eastland store, it was only fair our Richmond store also received a long-overdue refresh.

Why Men Hate Shopping

Generally speaking, most men don't like shopping for new clothes. Shopping for a new car or tools is a completely different thing. Unless its for an important job interview, or hot date; some guys are just not interested! Shopping for clothes can be a difficult task, for a number of reasons. Thankfully good-old fashioned 'customer-service' can help make the entire experience much more enjoyable.

Winter Jackets You Need

Leaving home on a Melbourne winter morning can be a risky game. Will it rain? Will the sun come out? Will it be cold? Getting it right can be a near impossible task, when all three options have the possibility of being right on any particular day. Get a step ahead, and be prepared for whatever Melbourne throws our way.

Here are our suggestions on the four different jackets and coats you need in your winter wardrobe.

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