For The Office

7.5cm blade width
100% Silk
Made in Italy

Perfect for the conservative crowd, our latest floral silk tie is handcrafted in Como, Italy from fine Italian silk.
Available in a brighter red or yellow, this mid-navy tie makes a suitable choice for any conservative office environment. Wear it with a plain navy suit and white shirt for a smart and polished style.

Buy this tie - $119.95.

Navy Floral Silk Tie - Made in Italy

For The Bar

7.5cm blade width
100% Silk

A brighter option for those looking to stand out, our choice for the bar is sure to get noticed.
Wear this with our Wilcox deep navy blazer, a white dress shirt and our stone coloured Asquith chino pants. For some extra flair add a silver tie clip, silk pocket square and a dirty martini.

Buy this tie - $79.95.

Sergio Alvajee Ties Online | Men's Silk Ties

For The Weddings

Shelley Tie blade width
100% Silk
Made in Italy

A classy alternative to the strips and dots in your wardrobe, the colourful Shelley tie features a fun yet formal floral print with a pop of colour. Set on a light blue/lilac base, the tie pops with highlights of yellow and red throughout. Wear this under your navy or deep grey suits to your most formal weddings, or wear it with a baby blue shirt and our maroon Westwood blazer to your garden weddings this August/September.

Buy this tie $119.95.

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August 14, 2019
Tags: Menswear 101

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