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L.B.M. 1911 is an ultra-contemporary brand, with centuries-old roots, which embodies the excellence of Italian haute couture and an innovative drive towards leisurewear and the world of technicians.

L.B.M.1911 accompanies the wearer on the most disparate occasions, from everyday office life to the adventures of free time, day-to-night: those who wear L.B.M.1911 are always at ease.

The L.B.M.1911 man has personality and is not afraid to stand out, on the contrary, he loves to emphasize his uniqueness.

Choosing L.B.M.1911 means choosing a sophisticated but relaxed style, it is not just a way of dressing but a way of life. The iconic brooch on the lapel of the garments represents and symbolizes belonging to the unmistakable L.B.M.1911 style.