Menzclub Pty Limited (ABN 41 007 249 881) and its affiliates will collectively herein be referred to as Menzclub, MC, we, us our. Menzclub take great care and ensure the trust of its clients in respect to their rights to privacy. Menzclub will keep your information private and use it only to provide a impeccable customer service.

Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applicable only to websites which display this privacy policy. It does not apply to any other website, including affiliated websites of Menzclub. It is encouraged that you review and document the privacy policy of every website you visit and learn about their practises.

Visitors Outside of Australia

It is important to note that the Menzclub internet sites are located on servers located within Australia. The Personal Information you have provided us with is also located on servers within Australia. Personal information collected by us for our business activities will be kept to a minimal, safe and at large in control of the person. Except where otherwise legally appropriate. Menzclub will use its best efforts to keep your information private and secure.

Personal and Non-Personal Information

  • The term Personal Information refers to information which allows a particular individual to be identified. Personal Information you have provided voluntarily through the usage of the Menzclub sites, emails, postal mail, telephone and other like services, may include; Address, Contact Number(s), Customer Code, Country, Email, First Name, Gender, Postcode, State, Suburb, Surname, Title. If you have any queries or concerns in regards to your Personal Information and the means by which it is handled please email, attached with your comments or questions. Otherwise simply visit our contact us page.
  • The term Non-Personal Information refers to information which is collected in regards to you or your activity however in no way allows you to be personally identified. When using the internet, many browsers or relevant software may transmit certain information to the websites you visit. This information is used to generate aggregate statistics about the users of the Menzclub websites. Non- Personal information is likely to include; the unique number attached to your server, geographic location and your movement and interaction with the Menzclub websites.

How the Information We Collect is Used

  • Marketing Purposes.
    Both Personal and Non-Personal Information collected by Menzclub may be used for marketing purposes. Which includes; notifications of special promotions, offers and events via postal services, email, telephone, text messaging and other like services. If this is of concern to you, feel free to contact, attached with your comments or questions. Otherwise simply visit our contact us page.
  • Use of Information for Non-Marketing Purposes.
    Information you have provided us with, both Personal and Non-Personal may sometimes be used for purposes unrelated to marketing. These include;
    • Responding to comments, questions and other correspondence.
    • Processing and completing orders.
    • Conducting statistical analysis.
    • To help improve the Menzclub websites.
    • To help improve Menzclub Customer service
  • Access and Control of Your Information.
    In accordance with privacy laws we allow you to change and amended the Personal Information you have provided us with, in all situations other than those which are prohibited by law. To stop sharing or to amend your information with Menzclub please email, followed by your comments and questions, or simply visit our contact us and inform of us the changes there.
  • Confidence.
    Menzclub acknowledges the faith required to provide others with your personal information. Therefore it is important to ourselves and our clients that you have faith and great confidence in the way we treat and handle your information, after all our greatest asset is our clients trust.

Nature of Our Business

Menzclub is principally a retailer. Retailing can take advantage of a number of different facilities and functions, including the use of shops (both on streets and in shopping centres), the internet, promotional materials, credit, debit and other card systems, lay-by arrangements, reward and incentive schemes. As a successful retailer we carry out any or all of these means of business from time to time.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Menzclub reserves the right to revise or in anyway amend this Privacy Policy without prior warning or notice. Up to date policies will be placed and accessible via the Menzclub website. Any revisions to the Privacy Policy will apply prospectively to Personal and or Non- Personal Information collected or otherwise modified after the date of the revision. We recommend and encourage you regularly check for updates of this policy and take and print copies. The use of the Menzclub website after revision of the Privacy Policy signifies your consent to the Privacy Policy.