Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom and Wedding Outfits

In all the excitement of organising her perfect day, its easy to loose sight of the importance of the wedding attire of the groom and his best men.

From organising the menu, to the exotic honeymoon destination that follows; men have little say.

Maybe a "...yes babe", every now and again.

We pride ourselves on offering professional advice, in addition to individual attention and personal service.

As well as complimenting the bride’s dress, mens wedding suits and groom outfits need to fit well and be comfortable enough to wear for the majority of the day.

Two factors that must be considered when picking your wedding suit, is the fit and the fabric. Menzclub offers an extensive range of mens wedding suits, including both classic and modern styles.

We understand rounding the boys up can be quiet a challenge, which is why we offer everything in one place. Including dress shirts, leather shoes and all the other accessories that bring the entire outfit together. Get the entire wedding outfits from the one place.

Often slight tailoring is required to achieve that impossibly perfect James Bond fit. Which is why we offer a personal tailoring service. A well fitted wedding suit should feel comfortable both buttoned and unbuttoned.

As part of our service our team are happy to work with your bridal party, picking suits and matching colours. All based on the theme of your wedding and your ideas. Tailored to your liking.

We look forward to showing you the latest trends in mens formal wear and helping you make lasting memories on your wedding day.

For larger groups and wedding parties, appointments are preferred.

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Mens Wedding Suits for the Groom and Wedding Outfits

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Truth About Hiring

With the cost of your wedding likely to be much higher that you anticipated, the thought to hire wedding suits is likely to have crossed your mind. Hiring mens wedding suits ends up costing a few hundred dollars per groomsman, an expensive outlay for a suit that already been worn many times.

They also never fit as perfect as suits that have been tailored to each individual. We're of the belief, that you're supposedly only meant to do this once. So bite the bullet, and buy yourself a new suit that's tailored to your body. There's nothing worse than looking back at the photos, to see the groom looking dull, sloppy and shapeless.

A Final Tip

Hold your partners hand!

Despite months (maybe even years) of planning and organising; your wedding day will fly past. Make sure you enjoy this special day together, and not on opposite sides of the room.
After all, it is your special day.

Get your groomsmen sorted with Menzclub.

Discover the latest styles in men's wedding suits and suits for the groom in store and online.