Fabrics & Production

With such a dynamic collection, it only makes sense our fabrics are sourced from the most respected (and oldest) textile mills around the globe. Our partnerships ensure we are constantly refining and perfecting new blends and textures.

Be it luxurious Italian wool, or fine Egyptian cotton; our commitment to using the best natural fibres and skilled artisans is the key to our superiors construction and quality garments. From the famed Italian weaving region of Biella, to the ultra-fine Australian marino wools, you can trust we’ve not only selected the finest wool for your next suit, but it will be carefully constructed with an unrivalled attention to detail.


With generations of knowledge, each Menzclub suit begin’s with the Australian woolgrowers fascination of Merino wool.

Originating from Spain, the Merino is one of the world’s most ancient (and toughest) breed of sheep. After centuries of refinement, Australian Merino wool is the choice of the world’s leading clothing designers. A Merino’s fleece is built for extremes, breathable in summer and insulating in winter. All whilst remaining soft and lightweight. All the characteristics you want from a quality suit.

Together with Italy’s most respected fabric mills, the wool is spun transforming the fleece into
fabric. Continuous improvement in technology allows the wool to be softer, lighter and finer than ever before.

The Mills


Founded in 1865, Reda is amongst Italy's most respected wool mills. Made in Italy, Reda has a long history of creating wool fabrics that stand apart for quality, luxury and sophistication.

Marzotto Group

Evolving since 1836, the Marzotto Group manufacturers both woollen and cotton yarns. By combining long-standing tradition and continuous innovation, the group has manufactured over 29,600km of fabric.

Tollegno 1900

A world leader in the production of yarns and fabrics, Tollegno 1900 is a major player in the international textile sector, where its integrated supply chain ensures quality and sustainability.


Proud to be made entirely in Biella, Zignone is world-renowned for "real" Italian production. In each collection, Zignone pushes the envelope forward whilst respecting the past.


Cotton is the preferred choice of many quality garments, including shirting and chino pants. Along with being a natural fibre, cotton is breathable. Moisture is directed away from the
skin, and can be absorbed by the fabric. In addition, cotton will protect you
from the elements as air is trapped between the fibres. Keeping you warm in
winter, and cool in summer.

Be it Tessitura Monti (Italy), Lanitex (Spain) or SÖKTAS (Turkey), our partnerships with these top-rated mills is fuelled by our joint passion to create unique and imaginative
designs. You can be confident your next Menzclub shirt will not only be distinctive and lustrous, but also comfortable.

The Mills

Tessitura Monti
Printed Linen Shirt - Men's Casual Shirts at Menzclub


Often regarded as Europe's best fabric, linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant. Linen is absorbant and highly breathable, making it an ideal choice for the warmer months.

Each summer season we offer a collection of soft linen shirts and trousers, finished in brighter


A natural fibre made by the silkworm, silk is a luxurious fabric that is highly absorbent.

Some of the world’s best silk is sourced from Como, Italy. Where mulberry tree’s planted around
Lake Como, and the ample water supply ensure elegance and quality. In 1869, with a booming silk industry in Como, a 5-star school for craftsmen was built, where the most talented silk masters were trained. Silk takes colour well, washes easily, and is easy to work with.