One of the biggest events on our summer calendar is the Portsea Polo. Almost always guaranteed to be sold out, this social day out is the place to be seen. Set along the picturesque Portsea, it’s a day spent more about fashion, than it is about the world class polo (for us anyway).

Mens Fashion Online | Preppy & Ivy League Fashion for the Polo

Like all polo events, fashion is a major aspect of the day. So it’s important you’ve got your outfit planned. The official dress code for the polo is ‘summer casual with clean looks and smart detailing’. In other words, you should be thinking a ‘preppy’, ‘Ivy League’ style.

Generally speaking, look to wear chino pants or dress shorts. Collared shirts are a must, and make a slick impression. Driving shoes or loafers complete the look, and are comfortable enough to wear all day.

For a more polished look, add a blazer to your outfit. A linen blazer or sport jacket makes a good choice in the warmer weather. For the ultra-cool, ditch the blazer and drape a cabled sweater over your shoulder.

A taupe chino pant, tailored white shirt (worn tucked in) and navy blazer is a safe bet. Just remember to match your shoes and belt together. When it comes to shirts for the polo, we suggest sticking to subtle patterns. Rather, experiment with brighter colours.

What to wear to the Polo | Men's Clothing Melbourne

For the adventurous try a tailored pair of shorts, dress shirt and blazer. Pastel coloured shorts make a fun addition, and should be worn with either a white shirt or a contrasting colour shirt.

Most importantly, don't forget to bring your sunglasses!