The clothes we wear, and the way we present ourselves say a lot about us. Clothing allows us the ability to express ourselves without speaking. Your dress sense is likely to be different to your best mates. It's part of what sets us apart. However there are several style tips that we can all share to ensure we’re at the top of our game. Coordinate your own style with these five tips below to sharpen your outfits.


Accessories are a must, and make the difference between an ‘ok’ outfit and an amazing outfit. Accessories are often overlooked by most men, however with so many different accessories to choose from, this is perhaps the easiest way to personalise your outfit. For example, on a casual Sunday make sure to add a casual belt to your denim and wrap a watch around your wrist. On other formal occasions which call for a suit or blazer, make sure to enhance your style with a pocket square. Pocket squares are extremely popular right now, and add a little spark to your outfit. We recommend investing in several different pocket squares; and no, they don’t have to match your tie. Feel free to experiment with different patterns and colours, they are a fun way to lift your outfit and easy to interchange with other outfits. Other accessories include cufflinks and tie clips; which are easily paired with your ties, and put your kit in another league.

Patterns and Prints

With so much variety in men’s fashion, there is no shortage of patterns and prints. Patterns are very personal, and will make a statement. For those who prefer suiting in solid colours, we suggest pairing a pastel coloured shirt with a patterned tie. The patterned tie will of course be the centre of attention, but will add an entirely new dynamic to the entire outfit. There are heaps of other ways to incorporate patterns into your outfit, for example, patterned shirts, tee’s, knits and even socks. Patterned socks are more interesting and add some fun to your outfit, a must for first dates.

Remember that loud or striking prints and patterns will tend to be the centre of attention, whilst subtle patterns will compliment the clothing around it.

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An element that is often overlooked, and a favourite amongst us. Colour is a great way to brighten up any outfit, and express your individuality. While some men are only comfortable in darker colours, others prefer to be seen in striking colours. Whichever end of the spectrum you sit at, a splash of colour can enhance your style. For those scared of colour, start small with a pocket square or cufflinks. The simple addition will enhance your look, just make sure to keep the colours uniform and in the same family. For the adventurous, your options are endless. Experiment with vibrant shirts, ties and even pants. Colourful pants are often a big hit in Europe, with men pairing light pastel coloured pants with solid coloured shirts. Try pairing a tailored light blue trouser with a smart white shirt.

If you're wearing mostly black, whites or greys almost any colour will work with your current outfit. For example; almost any colour tie can be incorporated into an outfit consisting of a dark charcoal suit, white shirt and black shoes. However if for instance a light blue shirt is worn in a similar outfit, we suggest contrasting it with either a patterned navy tie or a red for an edgy look.

A subtle tone of colour adds sophistication to any outfit.

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Often thought to be just for women, jewellery is just as stylish for men and adds a tone of ease to your style. There are many different pieces of jewellery available to the modern man, and popular choices include; necklaces, bracelets and rings. It doesn’t have to be fine jewellery either, cool leather bracelets are cooled for a casual look when paired with a t-shirt and blazer. Everyone’s taste in jewellery is different, so the pieces you choose say a lot about you.

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Getting The Right Fit

The fit of your clothing is an extremely important element and cannot be overlooked. A man cannot be well dressed in ill-fitting clothes. When buying clothes, be sure that they fit correctly and taper to your body. Be sure to avoid overly baggy items, as these will hinder the look of any outfit.

Though well-tailored garments may seem a little pricier, it’s a small price to pay for the finished product. Usually these are made with more love and care, than inferior options.

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