Embrace the arrival of the new season with Florentino, the esteemed Spanish fashion house celebrated for its meticulous craftsmanship and elegant menswear. The latest collection, a perfect blend of contemporary design and timeless sophistication, has just graced our Melbourne stores. Dive into a selection of beautifully tailored blazers and modern casual pieces designed for the fashion-forward man.

A beacon of quality, Florentino is known for its superior fabrics and precise tailoring. This season's offerings maintain these hallmarks, presenting an array of garments that cater to both polished formal events and sophisticated leisure activities.

This season is all about refreshing your style with Florentino’s distinctive flair. Stand out with elegantly structured blazers that command attention, or choose from our selection of light, chic jackets that are ideal for those looking for a smart yet casual look.

Visit one of our stores in Melbourne to experience the art of Florentino’s latest menswear. Our expert staff are excited to guide you through finding the ideal pieces from the new collection that align with your style needs. Helping you discover pieces that not only enhance your style but also fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Celebrate the art of dressing well with Florentino’s newest collection. Each piece is crafted with an eye for detail that respects and revitalizes menswear traditions, ensuring that you’ll find something to enhance every aspect of your wardrobe.