So you’ve finally gotten the call back, and made it through to the second round of interviews for your dream job.
The second interview can always be a little nerve racking; you’ve practised what you’re going to say & how you’re going to say it, now you just need to work out what you’re going to wear!

Better To Be Overdressed

According to statistics, 55% of first impressions are determined before you even open your mouth. Your outfit, presentation and overall appearance are all likely to set the tone for your interview. 

Personally, wearing a suit & tie is always the smartest option. It not only shows that you’ve made effort to dress up, but also that you value the opportunity.

Ditch the loud check patterns, and opt for a conservative wool suit. Avoid plain black where you can, and instead experiment with different hues of blue and navy. Our Berlanas Navy Suit is the perfect choice.

It goes without saying that your suit should be well tailored.

Keep it simple, and add a solid coloured business shirt and a smart tie. Your tie can have a bit or colour or pattern, just avoid going overboard.

Our Phillip Tie features a subtle dotted texture throughout making it a smart choice for any job interview. Available in several colours, choose the colour that will compliment your suit and shirt choice.

Phillip Dotted Tie | Men's Ties Online

You've Got The Job!

Congratulations! You've landed your dream job.
Now what do you wear?

Work is a professional environment, so dress 'professionally'. Even on casual Friday's, you should take pride in your outfits and dress appropriately. When everyone else in the office is wearing a t-shirt; opt for a casual shirt that can be left untucked, or at the very least a polo accompanied by dress chinos. It won't go unnoticed.

Whilst traditional work environments have moved away from two-piece suits; blazers and chino's are more popular than ever. So if a blazer & chino speaks to you more then a suit, this will be fine.
Just be sure to dress for the office, and not the races.

Concord Navy Blazer | Men's Blazers Online
Whittier Blue Blazer | Men's Clothing Stores

Again, it doesn’t matter what the job is, what’s important is that you look neat & tidy, because first impressions count!