Anyone with the slightest interest in Omega Watches will no doubt be aware of the importance the Speedmaster hold’s not only within the company, but the wider watch community.

Cementing their position as the official timekeeper of the Olympics, Omega announced their latest sports and racing chronograph back in 1957; the Speedmaster. Decade’s later its now the flagship model of the iconic brand with a rich history.

After several iterations, the timepiece caught the attention of NASA; who in 1962 anonymously purchased several different chronographs with the aim of finding the best timepiece for their astronauts to wear in space.
After a series of complex tests, the Omega Speedmaster was the only watch that met all of NASA’s criteria. The watch later became the first watch worn on the moon, when Buzz Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong on the first manned moon landing in 1969. Since then, the watch has gained the ‘moon watch’ nickname and has a cult-like following.

Omega Speedmaster Moon Landing Advertisment
Omega Speedmaster Moon Landing Advertisment

Today; Omega continues to improve both the aesthetics and movement inside their popular Speedmaster. The Speedmaster model is available in a number of variations, with everything from navy dials to gold bracelets. The more popular Speedmaster, is known as the 'Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional Chronograph' and is offered with a black dial and silver bracelet.
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Despite it's reputation as a sports chronograph, it's 42mm diameter sits nicely under most jacket cuffs. In combination with its classic chronograph dial, dress your Speedmaster up with your tailored suits or tapered blazer for a sophisticated style.

Should you decide to go for a 'sporty' and relaxed style, pair the Speedmaster with a basic t-shirt, distressed denim and casual sneakers. If you dare, swap the steel bracelet for a leather band or nato strap for an unrivaled casual style. Molequin offers a variety of different leather watch straps which work well with just about any Speedmaster.

Molequin Suede Strap on Omega Speedmaster
Tan Leather Strap Speedmaster
Molequin Navy Leather Strap on Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster Reduced worn with MERCER t-shirt

Worn here with the MERCER Signature T-Shirt

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