If anybody understands the fine art of balancing your personality with the professionalism of an old industry, it's real estate agents.

Once dominated by navy suits and thick striped ties, modern agents have taken a different approach to their style. From chino pants to short fitting blazers, setting the right impression is crucial for any agent.

Despite what anyone may have you believe, the industries top and most respected agents still suit up and have a collection of ties on rotation.

Here are our top three picks that every good agent should enlist.

The Stripe Tie

A classic among real estate professionals, no agent's tie collection is complete without at least one striped tie.

The modern Domain stripe tie is available in three different colours. Pair it with a well-fitting white shirt and your favourite navy suit to make a sharp impression at your next client meeting.

Domain Stripe Tie

For a more subtle and classic style, take a look at our Rubgy Stripe Tie. This one screams REAL ESTATE.

Domain Yellow Stripe Tie | Ties for Real Estate Agents
Barrack Floral Tie | Men's Accessories Online
The Geometric Tie

For those less formal meetings where you need a conversation starter, a subtle geometric print should do the trick.

Our Barrack woven tie features a geometric floral motif and is available in several colours. Wear the navy variation to the office, or the soft green to your next open house.

Barrack Floral Tie

The Polka Dot & Spotted Tie

Not the tie that springs to mind when you think real estate, but a small polka dot or spotted tie will add some variety to your 9 to 5 wardrobe.

Finished in a brushed silk, our Eagar dotted tie is available in both a cadet and purple colour way. Wear it with a plain shirt and slim-fit blazer. This is the tie that will get you through the average workday without too much fuss. Try it at your next listing appointment.

Eagar Dotted Tie

For an even more conservative option, take a look at our Carrington Silk Tie.

Eagar Dotted Tie | Men's Ties Online

Whilst I can sit here all day and suggest all the different ties you should be wearing outside the office, these are my top three picks for any agent who wants a concise collection of ties that will tick all the boxes. Once the basic's are covered, feel free to add a little more personality into your collection. Just remember to keep it professional. Small floral motif's are fine, big paisley patterns are not.

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