Whether your chasing the ladies or the trifecta, acing your suit game is just as important as studying the form this carnival season.

Throughout the year, most of us are confined to uniforms and monochrome corporate outfits. Make the most of the day off, and express your personality with some bright colours and fun patterns you generally wouldn’t wear to the office.

With warmer whether on your side, the spring racing carnival is a fun day out looking your finest! So before you grab your squad and lady friend, here's a quick look at your different options this racing season.

Racing Suits

Whilst tailored separates will dominate the masses, a well-tailored suit remains the first-class choice for those wanting to make a sharp impression.

Derby day aside, experiment with brighter colours and bold patterns. Brighter blues work well and are generally quite a safe option. Otherwise experiment with the different tones of beige and brown.
A classic navy or grey suit is a little too corporate for our liking and will certainly appear more formal.

Superfine Wool's are our preferred choice for suiting for their durability and breathability.

Whatever you decide, make sure to keep it tailored to our body.

Tailored Seperates

Bet your last dollar, the split look will dominate your insta-feed this racing season.

Get yourself a dedicated blazer (…or two) for the races and pair it with slim chino pants. In the hope of warmer weather, both cotton and linen blazers should be a little easier to wear throughout the day.

Play around with brighter colours and distinctive patterns. Bold green’s, salmons and pastels look great with lighter grey chino pants. Whilst your subtle blue’s, greys and pastel blazers should contrast navy chino pants perfectly.

On the whole the Spring Racing Carnival has moved with the times, and tailored separates are great for the Caulfield Cup, Oaks Days and Stakes Day.

Melbourne Cup is the biggest day on the racing calendar, so we’d prefer to see you suit up for this one.

Lastly, Derby Day is the one-day where tradition prevails. Strictly black and white, keep it classic and sharp. If your wanting something different, pair a white or light grey jacket with black tapered trousers.

Shirt & Tie

In the last few years your choices for shirt and tie combinations have opened right up!

Crisp white and plain blue shirts will look great with colourful and patterned ties. Experiment with different florals, spots, striped or geometric ties.

If your shirt has a distinctive pattern, keep the tie simple and avoid overloading with different colours and patterns.


There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to accessories for men. Give your kit the final touch, by adding a tie bar, pocket square, cufflinks and funky socks.

Discover our favourite suits and blazers for the carnival.