For the large majority of men, fashion is not typically a top priority. However a survey from Kelton research suggests it should be. The 2011 Well-Dressed Men Survey demonstrates why dressing well pays in both your professional and personal life.

The survey finds that a well dressed man is thought to be smarter, sexier and more successful. If that’s not enough, 85% of women believe a well dressed man is sexier then one who has a lot of money. So before you leave the house, make sure you’re wearing a well tailored suit, sharp shirt and contrasting power tie.

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If you needed anymore convincing, almost 91% of those surveyed agreed that a sharp outfit can make a man appear more attractive than he really is.

Lads, take notes. It’s time to update the wardrobe.

Dress for Success

Whilst you may be lured into a relaxed workplace, where open collared shirts are the norm. The research suggests that the well dressed will go further then their lesser dressed colleagues. In fact, a well dressed man appears more confident (67%), successful (55%), sophisticated (38%) and smarter (35%). The findings appear to support one of our favourite pieces of advice, to ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’. A well-dressed man is treated with more kindness (84%) and is generally more well-liked (66%).

Use this to your advantage at your next job-interview, or the next time you go for a pay-rise. Make sure you’re wearing your best clothes. A well-fitting dark navy suit with a crisp white shirt and power tie, is sure to do the trick.

Mens Clothing Melbourne | Men's Clothes Online

Neil Patel from believes that dressing well helps build trust and credibility with clients, and attributes this to raising his consulting fee from $100 to over $1000. Through several extravagant shopping spree’s, Neil spent $162,301.42 on designer suits, shirts, shoes and briefcases. An investment that returned $692,500. Money well spent!

We’re not suggesting you spend $100,000 on your next shopping spree, but remember that when worn correctly an investment in men's clothing is likely to pay dividends.

Sex Appeal

In addition to helping you climb the ranks in the office, dressing well appears to have major benefits with the opposite sex. Money can’t buy happiness, which is perhaps why 85% of women think a guy who dresses well is sexier than a guy who has a lot of money. So forget the fancy cars and diamond rings, splash out on an outfit for yourself to impress her.

Don’t leave the house until your shoes are polished and you’re looking your best. Nearly three in ten women wouldn't even consider a second date, if a man didn’t dress well for the first. Interestingly it doesn't stop on the second date either. A well dressed man is apparently so attractive, that 80% of women would give up something in their lives for a better-dressed partner.

Make an effort and update the wardrobe, because a further 29% of women, admit they’d consider ending a relationship if their partner didn’t dress well.

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The survey shows that dressing well can build better relationships and lead to higher pay. So where do I start? 77% of men acknowledge their wardrobe is in need of a desperate update. Whilst men can appreciate the importance of being well dressed, and its repercussions. It is simply outside the comfort zone of most, and almost half of the men who participated admitted to needing help. Perhaps this is why our regular clients call on our friendly staff to pick their next outfit.

Whether it’s time to update your business shirts, or you’re in need or a casual weekend style, be sure to visit our Melbourne stores for the latest in mens fashion. Our competent and experienced staff will provide you with a personal service regardless of how “fashion challenged” you are.