In addition to our core Menzclub label, we stock a collection of boutique labels. This allows us to offer a large variety each season.

The unique handwriting of each label, compliment one another to allow the combination of different pieces to create smart, fun and exciting outfits.


At the core our labels, is the Menzclub brand. Designed to enhance and co-ordinate, the Menzclub garment is made from quality fabrics and leathers.

Cutler & Co

Proud of their New Zealand history and unique place in the world, Cutler & Co tailors garments with effortless urban sophistication, style and quality. Each collection draws on the best of British tradition and Italian design with a modern antipodean twist.


Family business since 1922
Production in Romania, Poland and Tunisia
1300 Employees Globally




Since 1984 Ferracini have been creating high quality dress and casual shoes. Despite its global reach, the company still manufacturers its shoes in Brazil from quality materials and superior craftsmanship.




No Excess

Constantly evolving, Dutch clothing company No Excess produces down-to-earth, simple yet sophisticated styles.

LTB Jeans

Sergio Alvajee

Pearly King