A well fitted suit jacket or blazer always makes a sharper, slick impression. Especially when fastened.

Whether you're looking to buy men's jackets online or in-store, you'll notice that almost always the buttons are almost always undone, or at the very most have only 1 button (always the top button) fastened.
Yet, something strange happens when you bring that same jacket home.

Yep, most guys we come across (not all, but defiantly most), make the same mistake. Assuming it's a two button jacket, they'll proceed and fasten both buttons.

Besides simply looking stiff (and even a little silly), having both buttons fastened also greatly restricts movement. An element that most guys search for when buying the perfect jacket.

When fastening a two-button suit jacket, avoid making the same mistake and only button the top button. This simple trick will keep you looking sharp, and allows for some movement whilst wearing the suit jacket.

Just be sure to unbutton the blazer before sitting down (we don't want any buttons popping!).

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