Despite the recent resurgence in mens classic dressing, we've also seen the rebirth of the ‘beard’. It's become a critical part of high end fashion to have a outfits displayed with an 'impressive' beard.

Australian men have embraced the bearded look, just like the European’s had in the previous years. Men go to extreme lengths to be well groomed and coming into the summer the beard might be just be like your first girlfriend (high maintenance!). The long dirty beards completes the summer look with a nice tee and a pair of shorts (WARNING: It gets hot quick under this thing).

Despite all of this, there are still those out there who fear the bear. Often referring to it as being ‘dirty’. A beard may also intrude in your personal life, a long 'dirty' beard may turn off both your employers and partners. On the other hand, a well groomed beard is often welcome. Like long hair, it’s essential that your beard is well maintained. Forget about it, and it quickly looks dirty, unclean and unfinished. For this reason its important if you plan on having a beard to have the right accessories; clippers, shaver, razors and shaving scissors.

The Different Beards

Long Hair / The Bun

These people are the only type that are able to carry the ‘dirty ungroomed’ look and pull it off. These guys have long hair that is shoulder height and is either put in the bun or left hang down. The only time the long beard is acceptable is when the hair is long.

Medium / Short Hair

This type of hairstyle is short / funky and a lot of styles can be done with it. This guy is able to pretty much able to grow any beard they want however it must be groomed and taken well care of regulary, they cant pull off the long bearded look because their hair on their head isn’t long enough to pull off the look. Many men with this hair length prefer stubble as its easy to maintain and looks good.


These guys have the world as their oyster. Up until recently I wasn’t to keen with bald men having any facial however after watching USA goalkeeper Tim Howard flaunt one in the 2014 world cup semi final (Where he made 17 saves) it changed my view. To really maximize the bearded look as a bald man it needs to be thick but short.

In today's modern world of the well groomed man, a shaving kit is a must. If you don't already have one, it must go down on this years Christmas list. Remember woman look at a well groomed beard, like men look at a short skirt. They like it!