In just two short sentences Ricardo Guadalupe, the CEO of luxury watch manufacturer Hublot, illustrates why in a world where your mobile phone is never more than an arm length's away, we still buy and wear wrist watches.

"We don't sell a watch to give time. We sell a piece of art."

If there was ever any doubt, in just two sentences we vividly understand that your watch tells more than just the time. It's an extension of your personality. A piece of art that reflects you.

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In a way, this statement has relevance to the entire fashion industry. This shirt and tie I choose to wear today, is an expression of my personality. An extension of who I am, and the impression I want to leave people with.

No accessory better defines man than his watch. Especially when it reveals itself underneath your shirt cuff. Depending on the occasion, certain watches may be more appropriate. For casual outfits (t-shirt and jeans), opt for a larger watch with a rubber or NATO strap. For formal functions (dinner suits, tailored trousers, collared shirts etc), choose a slimmer style with either a steel band or leather strap.

How do you justify spending tens of thousands on your next time piece?

Watches from renowned Swiss manufacturers aren't cheap, with brands like; Rolex, Breitling, Audemars Piguet and Hublot offering watches from $10,000+.

It goes without saying, that at these high prices the watch is designed by experts and made using a refined manufacturing process. This can sometimes include incorporating some of the most complex movements. But you're paying for more than juts this.

Timekeeping has a deep rich history, dating back thousands of years to when man used the sun to tell the time. It offers an element of nostalgia. Like a good piece of art work that sits on your wall, you enjoy the appreciation of its good qualities.

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Your watch purchase is about to start a new family tradition. Chances are your watch (or watches) will be passed on to your future generations. In addition to being symbolic, this new family heirloom comes with a sense of pride. Allowing your children or whomever you choose to gift it to, to share the same successes as you have. To completely appreciate the rewards of your hard work.