So you noticed the Hollywood A-listers wearing some fancy suits at this years Grammy Awards, and now your thinking it might be time to update your wardrobe.

Before you set off to purchase your next suit, let us show you the different types of lapels how to best wear each of them. Whilst every suit jacket and blazer has a lapel, their various features help define them.

The three most common lapels are the; notch lapel, peak lapel and shawl lapel.

Each of these lapels can vary in width, however their general shape will remain unchanged.

The Notch Lapel is the most versatile lapel type, and can be worn to both the office and formal functions

Notch Lapel

The most versatile of the three, the notch lapel is found on the majority of single breasted suits, blazers and sport jackets. The 'notch' is the opening where the bottom of the collar meets the top of the lapel. Whilst the size of the lapel can vary, modern slim fit suits are often complimented by a narrower lapel. This type of lapel will suit all different body shapes. The extreme versatility of the notch lapel, means your suit will look just as sharp in the office as it will at your best mates wedding.

Peak lapels are thought to be the most formal lapel, and can be identified by its pointed edge

Peak Lapel

Often referred to as the most formal of the three lapels, the peak lapel is often found on double breasted jackets. Relatively larger in size, the peak lapel has an extreme presence. Being the more formal option, peak lapels are worn best at; weddings, formal dinners and black tie events. Worn correctly they can be worn to the workplace, however we do not recommend it becoming your primary work suit.

Shawl lapels feature a continuous curve without any breaks or points

Shawl Lapel

Currently the most common lapel in Hollywood. The shawl lapel has a rounded edge and is often found on dinner suits and tuxuedos. Whilst some will argue the shawl lapel is less formal than the peak lapel, we tend to disagree and suggest it comes down to preference. Whilst it won't make the ideal work suit, the shawl lapel is perfect for weddings and gala dinners. It's also quiet common for the lapel to be finished in a silk or satin fabric, giving the lapel a slight shine.

Which Lapel Should I Wear?

When purchasing your next suit, it's important to consider the purpose of the suit. Are you looking to purchase a business suit? Or are you looking for mens wedding suits?

A good wardrobe will consist of a mix of all three lapel types. If you wear suits most day, we suggest the bulk of your suit collection to consist of notch lapels. With one or two suits with a peak lapel are good for the days you want to make a formal impression. Whilst a nicely finished shawl lapel, will provide you with an alternative at your next dinner function.