We know its meant to be a celebration of films, but fashion has become equally important for the Academy Awards. Whilst the women looked glamourous, the lads took it to another level. Unlike last year, the class of 2015 were well groomed and ultra sharp. Thanks to a revival of mens classic dressing, long beards, sunglasses and other bad habits are out. Despite being on trend last year.

The Oscar For The Best-Dressed Goes To...

David Oyelowo

While most wore black or navy, the Selma star strutted his stuff in a deep burgundy three-piece suit. Worn with a white dinner shirt and burgundy bow tie, he was well groomed and looked extremely sharp. We have to commend his ability to rock a burgundy suit at an event as formal and traditional as the Academy Awards

David Oyelowo is our pick for the best dressed at the 87th Academy Awards

Honorable Mentions Go To...

Jared Leto

Walking the carpet in a soft lilac suit with a satin shawl lapel, Jared Leto knows how to make an impression. Worn with a white dinner shirt, bow tie and boots. A pink flower pin added some colour to his otherwise white outfit. This man can do no wrong!

Jared Leto at the 2015 Oscars wearing a lilac suit

Channing Tatum

Looking suave as ever, Tatum worn a jet black dinner suit with a contrasting satin shawl lapel. Worn with a white dinner shirt, black bow tie and white pocket square, it was a traditional choice that is both effortless and timeless. Worn with confidence, his smirk tells us he knows he killed it. Looking slick throughout the entire night, without a single hair ever out of place.

Channing Tatum wearing a jet black dinner suit

Chris Pine

Rising to the challenge, Chris Pine looked extremely dapper in a slim double-breasted dinner suit with large peak satin lapels. His outfit choice was a lot like Pulp Fiction, timeless.

Chris Pine wearing a Sport Coat

Things To Take Away

  • White dinner shirts are a must
  • Bow Ties are the go!
  • Finished it off with the right accessories (try pocket squares and lapel pins)