The Grand Prix weekend is amongst our most exciting weekends in Melbourne. Spread across 4 days, the Melbourne Grand Prix is an adventure filled weekend for all of those attending. Whether your a Melbourne local, or visiting from interstate, the weekend is about more than cars and the Formula 1.

What to wear to the track?

What you should wear to the track really depends on the tickets you have. For the majority attending with general tickets, a smart denim jean and well fitting polo shirt is the go. An outfit that's smart but still comfortable enough to wear all day.

Nico Rosberg joins Sky Sports - F1

F1 Championship Winner Nico Rosberg joins Sky Sports. Photo from Sky.

On the other hand, if your an invited guest and will be watching the race from the comfort of a private box, you'll need to suit up. At the very least wear tailored trousers or chino pants and a well fitting dress shirt. Us Melbournians tend to dress to impress.

Regardless of your tickets, don't underestimate a mens sport jacket. Throwing it over your jeans, chino's or tailored suit pants will help dress you up for the occasion. Spend time thinking about your outfit, and who you'll be with on the day. It's a long day, so its important you're comfortable in whatever you choose to wear.

Nico Rosberg and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel - F1

Nico Rosberg and Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel. Photo from Fox Sports Asia.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, wear a comfortable pair of shoes. A day at the GP involves a lot of standing and walking, especially if you plan to head out afterwards! This doesn't include your runners. Make sure whatever shoe you choose, that it suits your outfit. If you're suited up for the day, wear a pair of leather dress shoes. Otherwise if your wearing denim jeans or chino pants, wear a pair of casual boots or shoes.

If your stuck make sure to pay us a visit, for a great variety of mens leather shoes and all things men's clothing.

When the races finish, the after parties start.

Spread across the Melbourne CBD, thousands of visitors head out for a night on the town. Whether your searching for a low-key pub or the hippest club, a collared shirt is a must. To be on the safe side, we suggest wearing a pair of comfortable chino pants. A slim cotton-stretch pair, looks sharp and offers extreme comfort (like your favourite track pants). Getting into the hottest clubs, can sometimes be a challenge. Which is why we suggest throwing a casual cotton blazer on top of it all. The better dressed you are, the better your chances.

Where to head out afterwards?

Thankfully the GP takes place in the heart of Melbourne city, so there is no shortage of places to head afterwards. Located in close proximity to the track, you can try St Kilda's 'Secret Garden' for a few relaxed drinks in a chilled beer garden. Alternatively Republica or Captain Baxter both offer great views of the bay and are situated on the St Kilda foreshore. Perfect for chilled vibes, enjoy a drink (or two or three) while you take in the awesome surroundings and killer playlist. Both venues offer expansive outdoor areas.

With a complete F1 replica hanging from the ceiling, The Emerson puts on a good night. Close to the track, the Emerson has partnered with Red Bull to produce a massive Grand Prix after party.