We wear them everyday, and generally for long periods. Yet we constantly find ourselves lacking the right pair. Each Melbourne male needs these three pairs of shoes in their wardrobe.

Whether it's Monday morning, and your racing to that meeting on Collins Street, heading down Chapel Street for a few drinks on a Friday night, or grabbing a late breakfast Sunday morning on Bridge Road.

Have you got the essentials covered?

These are the three different leather shoes each Melbourne male needs! Invest now!

Oxford and Derbys

A smart leather lace-up is a wardrobe essential for every Melbourne male. Whether you wear them on a frequent basis in the workplace, or to the occasional wedding, this shoe is a must.

Opt for a colour that will compliment your suiting and a large part of your wardrobe, a black (and…)or brown pair is suggested. Black is a little more traditional and a safe option for almost any suit or formal trouser. For the city slicker in you, brown is a modern option, and works particularly well with your navy or blue suits, as well as your denim.

Buy a classic style, and you’ll have it for years to come. For this reason, we suggest always having both a black and brown pair on hand. This is the shoe for your important meetings out in the city, or romantic dinners along South Bank.

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Chelsea and Desert Boots

The ultimate in weekend dressing, good leather boots are a must for the Melbourne streets. A Chelsea boot is generally ankle high, and features an elastic side panel. Alternatively desert boots are lace-up and also ankle high. Historically Chelsea boots have been a safe option, although the rise in men’s casual dressing, leads us to think a well made pair of desert boots are an equally good investment. Wear them casually with a pair of skinny denim jeans or tailored chino pants.

Either style makes a great all-rounder when it comes to your casual wardrobe. We’re convinced, a good pair of boots will become your go-to choice of shoes on the weekend! Wear them on a night out in the city, or make an equally smart impression down Chapel Street.

Men's Chelsea Boots
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The shoe you probably already own. Sneakers are an equally important part of Melbourne lifestyle. Perfect for Sunday breakfasts in Carlton, or for lazy days at your local hangout. Available in different colours and styles, choose a pair that is fairly universal. Wear them casually with your jeans and t-shirts.

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