When shopping for mens suits, most men are generally unaware and confused by the options. Buying quality is important. This is particularly true when it comes to suiting, as your presentation is an investment in yourself. Whether you wear them to the office or to weddings, your wardrobe should consist of at least two or three well fitting suits.

Ps.... Suit's that no longer fit, don't count!

More often than not, menswear garments are generally made from wool, cotton or synthetic materials. Whether you're after a business suit, wedding suit or formal suit, it's almost always best to purchase a wool suit, or at the very least a wool blend.

Superfine Australian & Italian Wool Suits

Wool Quality

Wool being a natural fibre is versatile and stylish, but also breathes. Allowing you to stay warm in winter and cool in the warmer months.

However not all wool is created equal. Wool quality will differ from region and fineness, with Australian marino wool being regarded as some of the best in the world. The majority of our mens suits, are constructed with Superfine wool from Australian or Italian mills.

This 'Super' system of wools are made using high-tech machines, which allows the wool to be spun lighter and finer then in years previously. These Superfine wools are often referred to as Super 100's, 120's, 130's, 150's, 180's. etc. The number which follows is used to describe the fineness of the fabric. With finer fabrics, such as Super 180's being more expensive then Super 100's. Our wool suits are generally available in Super 100's and higher.

The number system, should be used to describe the fineness of the wool. Thus, depending on the use of the suit finer may not always mean better.
For example; buying a Super 180's wool suit, to use as an everyday office or work suit is not recommended, due to the fineness of the fabric. Although more expensive, a Super 180's wool is much more likely to show wear and tear at a quicker rate then a Super 110's, due to its fineness.

With this is mind; should you require a work suit, that will be worn regularly, a Super 100's, 110's and 120's is more appropriate. With the Super 100's being the more durable of the lot. However still being wool, it needs care and love.

If you are in need of an occasional suit, that will only be worn a handful of times a month, then you may like to try a Super 130's or 150's.

Ironically, the finest wools, may not produce the best garments. As the fabric become's finer, so does it's tendency to become wrinkled or creased (like linen), but it also becomes harder to tailor, with the fabric jumping as it is being sewn.

These different types of wool’s are best described, as luxury cars. Super 180's are like Italian sports cars, they may be fast, stunning and expensive, but most of them are not designed to be driven everyday.

Still confused?

The bulk of your suit collection, should consist of Super 100's to 120's. These are designed to be worn in heavier rotation, and as a result are more durable and make a good choice for your business suits. With the remainder being Super 130's and above, as the treasure of your suiting collection. These only come out on special occasions. A great choice for wedding suits.

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