Along with BBQ's and long days at the beach, no summer in Australia is complete without the Australian Open. One of the grandest days on the tennis calendar, the Australian Open is the first of the four grand slams and is a great day out for the who’s who of Australia.

Australian Open - Dressing for the Tennis

There are few sports, as stylish as tennis! Tennis is a refined sport, played amongst the sophisticated. A favourite for A-list celebrities, a day at the tennis is a fun social day out. Yet, before the day starts you must look the part. Here are a few tips for you lads to make sure you're up with the latest in men's fashion and styles.

There are few rules on what to wear and how to dress. As a general rule, opt for a refined and elegant outfit.

Like all functions, it’s always better to be overdressed than under. So leave the printed shirts at home, and stick with plainer shirts and tailored bottoms. Plain coloured shirts make a smart choice and can be worn with either tapered chino pants or your favourite tailoring. Denim jeans are a no go, and should be left at home with your printed shirts. White and light blue shirts can be worn with just about any colour pants (and help to accentuate your summer tan).

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Pair them with a comfortable shoe, that you’ll be happy to spend the day in. Casual loafers or driving shoes make a comfortable choice, and look the part in the warmer weather. For a more formal look, choose a leather lace-up that compliments your trouser colour. Finish the outfit off with the right accessories, expensive wrist-watches (think tennis sponsors ...ROLEX), jewellery and your designer sunglasses.

For those of you that will be on camera, wear a suit or at the very least consider a lightweight blazer. A necktie is sure to impress, however can be overkill on those 40-degree plus days.

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Despite being a social day out, remember to be quiet whilst that balls moving.