When it comes to mens ties, there are a number of different knots. One of the more versatile knots, the half Windsor knot (also known as the single Windsor knot) is suitable for just about any function. It's medium in size, and relatively easy to tie when compared to more difficult knots.

The half Windsor knot is also suitable for silk ties and knitted ties.

The half Windsor knot is the baby brother to the full Windsor knot (also known as the double Windsor knot), and when completed successfully is near symmetrical, resulting in a neat triangular knot.

How to Tie A Half Windsor Knot | Men's Clothing Online
    • Start with the wide end (known as the blade) of the tie on your right, with the tail (the narrow end) sitting on the left side of your neck. The tail should end just above your belly button, however depending on your height you will need to adjust this accordingly. The taller you are the higher the tail should finish.
    • Cross the tail end of the tie over the wide end, bringing the tail over to the left.
    • Now grab the wider end of the tie, and bring it over the tail again. The knot is now beginning to take some shape.
    • With the wide end of the tie back on the left, roll it under the knot. The wide end should now be back on the right side.
    • Once again, bring the wide end of the tie over the knot and back to the left. This should add some thickness and strength to your knot.
    • Now that you can see the general shape of your knot, its time to start finishing it off. With the wide end in your hand, pull it up and under the neck.
    • With the wide end now hanging over the knot, carefully slide it in-between the layers of the knot. Please note, for a sharp finish its important you take care when doing this.
    • All finished. You have now completed a half Windsor tie know, and are set to make a good impression.

PS: Hope you've picked the right tie for that dress shirt your wearing!

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