There's not too many things that rival the honour of asking your brother or your best mate to be apart of your bridal party. Yet selecting the right group is no easy feat. You might have that one best mate or brother that you know will be the best man, but getting the right group is essential.

After all; this is the group that you'll be trusting to organise your buck's party!

You should ask those you want involved in the bridal party at least 10 months prior to the actual wedding day. Not only will this allow enough time to get the bridal parties outfit sorted, but it'll give your best man the time required to organise the perfect buck's night.

In finding the groomsmen outfits and suits for the big day; the size of your bridal party is a topic that must be agreed by both the groom and the bride-to-be. Once you've decided on the size of the party, who should you ask?


Providing you have a brother, it is almost without question that he should be asked to be apart of the bridal party. In fact, it's almost a given that he will in fact be the best man. If however you have two or more brothers, you may decide that you want them to both be best-men.

Your Brides Brother

Just like you'd expect your sister to be apart of the bridal party, your bride is also likely hoping her brother plays a special part in her big day. Like your own brother, it's widely expected that your fiance's brother is part of the bridal group.


This is where the selection becomes a little tricky. How do you pick one mate over another? Unlike the brother, it's ultimately your call on which friends you would like apart of your bridal party. It'll generally be one of your closer friends. Someone you've known for a long time, and grown up together with.

Extended Family

Like friends, picking the right family members to be part of your bridal party can be tricky. Cousin's, nephews are popular choices when it comes to family members. If you'd prefer to avoid the politics of picking one cousin over another, you could always choose to pick a family member to be a reader or greeter.

Your choices will ultimately depend on the size of your preferred bridal party. If for instance you want a small bridal party consisting of a best man and one other. You would assume your brother and brother-in-law to be are first on the list. It's also worth remembering that younger relatives can also be used as ushers or ring-bearers (and will generally be well received).

Groomsmen Suits and Outfits

There are many options when it comes to the wedding suits for your bridal party. Commonly the groomsmen will all be dressed in the same outfit. For traditional and formal weddings, expect to see them wearing a neatly tailored suit, dinner shirt and tie or bow-tie. For the more modern and informal weddings, a flat-front trouser and open collared dress shirt is also accepted. Depending on the type of wedding you are trying to acheive, the groomsmen outfits will vary.

Finding the perfect men's wedding suits can take time.
Let us be apart of your special day, and discover our wide range of mens wedding suits and groomsmen outfits.