The 'flower pin' is nothing new. In fact its been around for many years. Although only recently has it come out of hibernation. The flower pin sits on the left side of the jacket breast on the lapel.

The flower pin is a must have accessory for the upcoming Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. It's a sign of a dapper man, plus it's also a great conversation starter with the ladies.

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The flower pin is an accessory that can be worn at just about anytime. Ladies love a man who’s outfit is on point, and which lady doesn't love flowers?

As mentioned above, flower pins are especially popular during the carnival season.

NBA basket baller Lebron James flaunts one regularly, as does the man who brought 'sexy back'. Justin Timberlake is often seen wearing one on either his jacket lapel or on his hat.

The lapel pin also works well with casual outfits, we suggest picking flower pins that contrast the blazer which will help liven it up and at the same time compliment the outfit.

How Do I Wear a Flower Pin?

The Loud Guy

Wear something that reflects yourself, yellow and red lapel pins are always nice because they instantly grab attention of others because they are bright. Wear anything bright, the flower shouldn’t match the outfit.

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The Fly Under The Radar Guy

The ‘fly under the radar’ guy is the type of guy that can just about pull off anything they want, whilst at the same time being reserved, classy and sharp (Yes, im talking about you). These guys tend to match their outfits with the pins and generally stay away from solid coloured pins. Their pin will consist of patterns, whether its stripes or spots or checks the flower always works well with the outfit. They aren’t super brave like James Bond but can pull of classy outfit with a little of flair just like Bruce Wayne can.

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The Lost In The Crowd Guy

Its easier getting blood out of a stone then getting this guy to come out of his comfort zone. This guy is capable off pulling out the funniest one liners however just not regularly. He is quite reserved and probably won't wear the flower pin the hot sales assistant sold him. Always wear a solid coloured pin, a simple white pin is always a safe bet on dark suits or blazers and a nice solid black never is a winner on light coloured suits.

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