There was a time where we would all have agreed that short sleeve shirts shouldn’t be sported out in public. We left short sleeve to the people that flipped burgers at McDonalds. Something has changed over the recent years, suddenly someone, somewhere put their foot down and wanted to look like a bad ass… or a nerd.

One of the main advantages to a short sleeve shirt, is that there are so many different ways to wear one. Wear it open with a basic t-shirt, a causal pair of denim matched with casual shoes. Alternatively wear it closed with a pair of tailored denim and leather dress shoes.

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Wearing Short Sleeve Shirts Like A Boss!

Blonde Surfer Dude

This guy was born in Bondi (Sydney) and moved to Melbourne a couple years ago. Staying true to his beloved beachside lifestyle, he prefers kicking it in a causal button down short sleeve shirt and a colourful pair of chinos or shorts rather than jeans.

Casual Fridays

The guy leads a corporate lifestyle, and is dressed up in a suit Monday through Thursday. Fridays are his day to express some personality and ‘try’ different styles for the weekend. Even thought it's casual Friday, a tie is still preferred on short sleeve shirts. Just because people in ties look like they know what they are doing.

First Summer Date

For those nights spent with your lucky gal, a short sleeve shirt is the perfect choice because its neither under dressed or over dressed. Its perfect for getting an ice-cream down Brunswick street. You would still opt for a nice pair of pants here over shorts just incase you head to a bar afterwards. Plus she can't see your hairy legs when your wearing pants!

I Want To Be Cool

It’s pretty hard not to look cool if you’re rocking a short sleeve shirt the right way. Short sleeve shirts look good on both muscly guy and lean guys. It's important that the fits right, and tailors to your body. Be sure that your pants or shorts compliment the shirt that's being worn.

Who Wears It Best?

We don’t know if it’s his shirts, the hats, the tattoos, the woman his dated but this guy just oozes cool. Harry Styles wears a short sleeve shirt better then the rest, his tats are visible at all times when wearing a short sleeve shirt and his lean body carries the shirt well.

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How to Wear Mens Short Sleeve Shirts