A sport jacket is perhaps the most important piece of clothing in your wardrobe. A sport jacket, sport coat, blazer or whatever you choose to call it, can be added to just about any outfit and immediately give you a sharper look.

Traditionally sport coats were meant to be worn with contrasting slacks (think navy jacket and tan chino pants), however today they can be worn with your favourite denim jeans or even tailored shorts.

Sport jackets are extremely versatile, which is why suggest investing in one (or two). Wear yours with a pair of denim jeans and basic t-shirt on weeknight dinner dates, or with a pair of tailored trousers and collared shirt for summer weddings.

With the warmer season in mind, invest in a cotton or linen blazer. Both being natural fibres, they offer superior breathability, allowing you to keep cool.

Cotton and linen tends to crush easier. Keep this in mind, and remove your jacket before driving, and hang it on the back of your seat. Both cotton and linen are light-weight, natural fabrics allowing you to stay cool on those warm summer days. Cotton blazer are easy to care for and tend to be available in many different styles and colours, whilst offering a little more versatility then a linen sport jacket in the winter months.

For the colder months, woolen sport coats are an essential that will keep you warm. If you're feeling a little more adventurous, velour sport coats make a sharp impression and are a popular choice for formal functions and black tie weddings. They are generally available in black, navy or burgundy.

Which Colour Sport Coat to Wear?

Similar to suits, there are core colours that are always available and in-season. Your wardrobe should consist of at least one of these core colours, which include; charcoal, grey and navy. These three colours are safe options,and are both timeless and extremely versatile. Allowing you to wear them with just about any outfit.

Blue Sport Jackets

Perhaps the easiest colour of them all. Whether it be a suit or sport jacket, blue is a safe versatile colour. Easy to build an outfit around, a blue blazer makes a stylish impression without being overly loud. With so many different types of blue, it can become confusing, we recommend a navy or french blue for most, while those looking to stand out from the crowd, can experiment with a cobalt blue.

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Maroon Sport Jackets

Generally left to the fashion forward, maroon sport coats look great when worn correctly. A maroon blazer is extremely suave, and has become increasingly popular each season. Wear it with a white open collared shirt and dark dress jeans.

Red Sport Jackets

Always a favourite amongst the adventurous. Ferrari Red makes a bold statement when worn correctly. We suggest wearing it with plain coloured tee's and shirts underneath. For formal occasions pair it with a navy trouser or chino pant, otherwise a dark dress denim is cool for casual functions. Looks best when worn with confidence.

Green Sport Jackets

Another great option for those looking to make a statement. Darker greens are perfect for the colder months, while brighter greens (especially linen) make a great summer choice. It's also a colour that most people can rock. If you're unsure, start with a darker green to be on the safe side.

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Pink Sport Jackets

The colour that only real men wear. Pink is one of the more popular colours in the summer months. It's loud, funky, cool and nearly every girls favourite colour. The girls are sure to compliment you, whilst the guys will look on enviously. A pink blazer looks at its very best, when worn with just a plain shirt underneath, or a sublte baby blue. This pink seersucker sport jacket is a favourite of ours, and is surprisingly versatile. Alternatively the Imperial Pink Linen Blazer also makes a smart and striking impression.

Final Tip

If you’ve got the confidence, pick a coloured sport jacket and make it the feature of your outfit. Pair it with subtle shirts and chinos for a sharp look. When buying mens sport jackets, look for versatile options that can be worn to both casual and semi-formal functions. This is especially important if you don't wear them that often. This allows you to rock it with a basic t-shirt, and other times with a shirt and tie. Remember to always add a complimentary pocket square.

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