Dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Important advice for those looking to mark their dent in the universe, and increase their rank in the office.

Despite living in a world of relaxing workplaces and cultures, a sharp outfit still turns heads.

In the Office

Most of us are aware that a well tailored suit is the most professional choice of attire for the office, but are too lazy to commit.

Your dress attire is a reflection of yourself, the more effort you put into your appearance, the more serious you'll be taken. Rather than throwing on an old business suit, take time to put together a well tailored outfit.

Depending on your line of work, what is considered 'acceptable' will vary.  So make sure to have a large wardrobe, consisting of different pieces you can mix and match.

No matter how good any outfit is, if your colleagues have seen it 100 times already, chances are they're bored of it.

For a job interview

Making the right first impression is crucial. Nothing says lazy like showing up to a job interview in a ripped pair of jeans and your favourite t-shirt. No matter what the role, it's your job to show them just how much you want it (even if you don't).

We suggest wearing a tailored suit, solid colour shirt with a patterned neck tie. Finish your outfit, with a pair of dress shoes and a matching leather belt.

This is sure to make a strong impression; the rest is up to you.

In a conservative office

Whether your meeting with prospective clients for the first time, or your closing the biggest deal of your career; at least dress like you know what you're doing.

Conservative workplaces are often the easiest to dress for; because they simply require basics, and lots of them. If you work in a conservative environment, your wardrobe is likely already to be filled with the essential business suits, shirts and accessories.
Conservative workplaces generally require darker navy, charcoal or black suits, which you could pair with a crisp white double cuff shirt. Most solid colour shirts should be fine, we suggest sticking to the pale blues, mauves and greys. Add personality to your outfit with a colourful silk tie. A striped tie which contrasts your shirt is a win, and should impress most of the office. Leave the floral or paisley patterns for your wedding day.

Wear a lace up leather dress shoe and leather belt to match. You can also add a pocket square and cufflinks. If you wear a black or charcoal business suit, wear a pair of black leather shoes. For navy and brown business suits, wear a pair of brown or tan leather shoes. Either lace up or slip on will get the job done.

In a contemporary office.

Chances are most people in your office, are starting to wear open collared business shirts. We're going to assume you want to make a good impression, and are willing to put in the little extra effort.

You may have found that it is becoming increasingly difficult to dress for your office lately. Finding the right mix of professionalism and neat casual can be hard. Whatever line of business your in, most suit colours and patterns should be fine in your workplace, which allows you the chance to express your personality. A nice checkered, pin-striped or patterned suit is perfect for your office, and can be worn with a variety of different patterned business shirts. Checks and striped shirts are always safe options. Take your outfit a step further, by selecting a bold silk tie to match. A pocket square is also a nice addition for a contemporary office. If your wearing a brown or navy suit, mix it up and wear a pair of brown leather shoes with a brown leather belt to match.

Outside of business suits, get yourself a tailored flat front trouser (please, no pleats), and mix it with some patterned shirts. A pair of leather loafers will add some cool to your outfit. Invest in versatile sport jackets, which you can mix and match with your shirts and pants for a more modern look.

Clothes often make the man, and it's amazing how people respond to a sharp dresser.