Spring is finally here, and that means the highly anticipated (at least in our office) Racing Carnival is just a few weeks away!

Arguably the most exciting time to be in Melbourne. With serious punters studying the form of the horses about to run in Australia's biggest race. While others (including us) will be studying the form of the outfits.

Full of colour and patterns, our latest suit collection is bold and exciting. Everything you need for a winning Spring Racing outfit.

When it comes to fashion on the field, women are always prepared. So it's a good thing us men are finally lifting our game, and giving the girls a run for their money. #PhotoFinish.

These important race days tend to bring out the best in mens fashion, and unfortunately also the worst. Stop borrowing suits from your dads collection (who by the way is 3 sizes bigger), and invest in a tailored suit. As always, we're on hand to help.

Here are our tips for the guys more interested in winning fashion on the field, than the race day guide.

A Winning Outfit for the 2015 Melbourne Cup?

Double Breasted Blazers

Making a much anticipated and long awaited return to suiting, is the double breasted (DB) suit. The double breasted style has been making a slow comeback the last couple carnivals, and was left to the daring and adventurous. This years that's all changed.

Still the outsider, nothing quite makes a statement like a double breasted blazer. Available as either a suit or a blazer, a plain navy DB jacket is the perfect place to start. We suggest pairing the blazer with some cotton trousers for a more casual look.

Keep in mind, double breasted blazers always look better worn fastened.

Patterned Suits

Thankfully this years suiting collection provides some interesting patterns and colours. Perfect for those big special events. A little texture or pattern in the fabric, helps bring the suit to life.

For the adventurous go-getter, bold checks or pin-stripes are a good way to add some personality to your outfit. For the more conservative, a collection of subtle checks, strips and nailhead textures is also available.

Most importantly, wear a suit you feel comfortable in. Remember, if you start with a more subtle pattern in the suit, you can always add some personality with a colourful shirt and tie combination. Checkered suits are right on trend at the moment, so if you're looking to win fashion of the field you'll need to experiment with this.

Three Piece Suits

A three-piece suit refers to a matching set of jacket and trouser, accompanied with the same vest. This formal look, is for those looking to make an impression. As a general rule when buying a suit, if a matching vest is available; grab it! You never know when you might need it, and more likely then not you won't be able to get your hands on it later on. When put together correctly, this is a stylish and classic look.

Three piece outfits are always quite popular during the carnival season, although this year expect to see more than normal. Three piece suiting has been made popular thanks to television shows like, ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Suits’. These shows leave every man wanting to dress up like Don Draper and Harvey Spector.

For the Spring season, we generally suggest opting for lighter colour suits, so unless completely necessary avoid black and dark charcoal three-piece suits. Instead, opt for a light blue, or navy at the darkest. For a more classic look, wear it with a wider tie.

The Winner - Blue Suits

You can bet your house on it, blue will be the most popular colour of suit on the track this year. In every shade possible, blue is perhaps the biggest colour in menswear at the moment. Luckily, it's not going anywhere quick. Expect it to be around for the next few years. Blue suits can be worn by just about anyone, and provide a fresh and dateless style. Due to it's massive popularity, a large portion of our shirting and accessories collection has been built around the blue suit, so we have plenty of choices to dress up any shade of blue. Our inside tip is to wear a brown or tan shoe with your blue suit.

Tips to Impress

Leave the business suit at work

It might sound obvious, but wearing an old ill-fitting dark charcoal suit to the Spring Races is not a good look. Go out and get yourself a new suit for the Spring season. Something fresh and bold, unlike the conservative suits you generally wear to work. Spring carnival is the one time of year that you’re able to wear some brighter colours. If you can't wear colour this time of year, you never will!



Lapel pins, tie bars, and pocket squares are the accessories that will make all the difference this year.

Start with a great suit, and build a winning outfit from there. They will distinguish the men from the boys, and if you see a few hats in the birdcage this year don't say we didn't tell you so.

Back yourself, and make sure you’re the winner of the wardrobe, just in case you’re not with the bookies!

Dress code

Remember that certain days have certain dress codes, so like a true punter be sure to study beforehand to ensure you back a winning outfit!