When it comes to clothing, a suit is one of the bigger investments for your wardrobe. A well made and tailored suit, should be able to provide you with years of enjoyment and success (on the basis that you’re able to fit into it)... and take care for it. A suit should be strong enough to endure a hard day’s work and a little evening action.

Making Your Suit Last Longer

Grab An Extra Trouser

More often than not, your suit jacket will outlast your trousers. Purchasing an extra pair of trousers will allow you to rotate them, allowing the fibres to recover. This is highly recommended.

Steam Iron It

A suit looks it’s best when its ‘crease free’. Do your best to minimise any creases, this includes taking your jacket off getting in the car. Steam clean it gently when given the chance, it's the easiest way to remove creases.

Buying The Right Size

Make sure you buy the right suit size, as suits fabrics are prone to stretching or tearing no matter how much you spend. In fact the finer the fabric, the less durable it is. Quality suits are constructed from superfine wools with delicate fibres. Making sure you have the right size (with a little bit of room) will reduce the risk of this type of damage.

Clean It

You’re suit comes into contact with dirt and dust on a daily basis, at the end of the day lightly brush it all over to remove any dust that you picked up during the day. Leaving it overnight will allow the dust to settle into the fabric, making it much harder to remove later.

Avoid Using The Pockets

Continuous use of your suit pockets will cause the jacket to loose its shape, and the fabric to wear out. Always use the internal pockets on the suit jacket, and when possible leave the external pockets stitched up. This ensures you won't use them.

Hang It Up

It's important you use a proper suit hanger when storing your suit or taking your jacket off. Wire hangers are a big no, along with other thin hangers. Use hangers with thicker ends to ensure your the shoulders keep their shape.

Protect It

When you’re not wearing your suit you should hang it up it in your wardrobe with a lightweight cover (suit bag) hanging over it so it prevents dust from touching it. By hanging in up it allows the creases to fall out naturally. Its a must when traveling that you have a suit bag on hand to protect your suit. In the case that you don't fold your suit jacket inside out and place it at the top of your suitcase.

Change It Up

Investing in more then one suit makes sense for someone that wears them often. This allows you to get extra mileage out of each suit, as they aren't getting worn as often. Similar to buying the extra trouser, this allows the fibres to recover in the downtime. A different suit for each weekday isn't such a bad thing.

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