Denim is a durable fabric that is both utilitarian and versatile. With so much purpose and versatility there is likely to be a pair of denim jeans in every wardrobe. Darker dress jeans can be worn either casually with a printed tshirt, or smart with a well tailored shirt and blazer. Each year millions of denim jeans are produced in a variety of different fits, colours and washes. Finding the perfect jean for you can be quiet tricky, so we have put together a little guide to help set you on the right path.

The Different Cuts

Skinny Legs Jeans

Mens skinny jeans have become increasingly popular, especially with the younger crowd. Skinny jeans should be left to those who sport a thinner and smaller build. On the right body, skinny jeans can look very cool, especially when paired with a slim shirt and high-top sneaker. This denim jean is extremely fitted through the thigh and knee, and then subtly tapers at the ankle.

Slim Legs Jeans

A midway, between skinny jeans and the straight leg jean. Slim leg jeans provide a tapered leg with a little extra room, for those who don’t meet the skinny leg criteria. Slim leg jeans are fitted in the thigh through to the knee, and have a tapered leg, which gets narrower towards the leg-opening.

Straight Legs Jeans

Straight leg jeans are the most common denim cut, as they generally suit most men. Slightly fitted at the thighs and knees, the leg drops without tapering, providing a clean classic look and fit. If you are unsure about what fit is right for you, we suggest trying a pair of straight leg jeans. While the other cuts will come and go, its safe to say that straight leg jeans are always in when it comes to mens fashion.

Bootcut Jeans

Bootcut leg jeans feature a slight flare towards the leg opening, which allows for (as the name suggests) a pair of leather boots. Bootcut jeans are slightly fitted at the knee, and tend to sit well with any body shape.

Relaxed Fit Jeans

Reserved for heavier men, relaxed-fit jeans provide extra room and comfort that will not grab the leg in anyway  like slimmer cuts will. This style of jean will not look particularly flattering on those with thinner figures, as they will not fill out the larger legs. Causing the jean to look too big and sloppy.


The rise refers to the length between the crotch and waist on a pair of pants. There are three different distinct rises low-rise, medium-rise and high-waisted.
Low-rise jeans are intended to sit low on, or below the hips. They have the shortest length between the crotch and waist. Due to the obvious fact that they sit low, it is important to keep in mind that any top that is worn over low cut jeans must be long enough to cover the midsection.
Medium-rise are intended for those not comfortable wearing the low-rise, but are after that stylish look. They tend to sit around the belly button. Whilst high-waisted jeans will sit a few inches above the belly button. Very few men actually look for high-waisted jeans, however they can be a good choice for heavier men who want to hide some extra weight.


My husband is 71 loves jeans but he has no bottom ie jeans end up baggy he has a bit of a belly but skinny everywhere else his size is 31 in Nudie jeans.

— Jenny fitzgerald