If there's one day you'll want to look your best, this is it!

In fact, dressing up should be enjoyable and greatly anticipated for your big day. Before you walk down the aisle, there's a few things you need to get in order. First and foremost, your bride's wedding ring! Second, the suit you'll be getting married in!. Finding the perfect mens wedding suit for your big day can be a daunting task, so it pays to do your research first.

There are two important factors to consider, that will influence your selection for the perfect men's wedding suits. First it's vital to consider the timing of your wedding. This refers to both the time of day and time of the year. The second aspect to keep in mind is the overall style of your wedding. Will you be having a traditional formal wedding, or will it be more relaxed?

Regardless of the season, if you plan on having a traditional formal wedding, the accepted colour is black. A classic jet-black suit is the best option, for both the groom and his groomsmen. Complete the look with a tailored white dress shirt and a contrasting black silk neck-tie.

Other options for formal wedding suits include a classic black suit with subtle satin trimming or satin lapels. Generally polished black dress shoes make a safe option, however if you opt for a satin trim or lapels we suggest looking at some patent leather shoes. Accessories such as cufflinks and tie clips will add a stylish touch.

Selecting Men's Wedding Suits

In theme with tradition, its worth mentioning that the groom also has the option to wear a jet-black morning suit for daytime affairs, later changing into his dinner suit for the evening. If you prefer the one suit for the entire day, its a good idea to purchase an additional white shirt to change into in the evening. A plain white dress shirt is best for formal weddings, however you may wish to wear a dinner shirt with subtle details such as black buttons.

Semi-formal weddings are a little more tricky, as the time of the wedding will also play a role in finding the perfect wedding suits. For most semi-formal or smart-casual weddings, we suggest to switch out the black suit in favour of a blue or grey suit. These lighter coloured suits will appear more relaxed and calm, when compared to the heaviness of a formal outfit. In the colder months, we suggest you look at blue and dark grey suits whilst lighter grey suits should be reserved for summer weddings. In either case, a classic white shirt will do the trick, however experiment with light pastel coloured dress shirts. It may also be worth noting, that whilst a plain coloured shirt is always safest you may also want to look at subtle patterns such as ribbed or striped shirts. Whatever you choose, opt for a darker contrasting neck tie. Finish it off with brown leather shoes, and matching dress belt.

Weddings in the warmer months are generally relatively casual, causing a wider selection of wedding outfits. Whilst most bridal parties will choose solid coloured mens wedding suits, a check or patterned suit makes a elegant choice for outdoor weddings. The subtle pattern and wide variation of colours, ooze both style and sophistication. Beach weddings different again, and it has become common for the groom and his men to lose the suit for a light coloured trouser and a light pastel coloured dress shirt. A light tan, taupe or grey trouser will often look really smart with a baby blue or mauve dress shirt. Complete the look with a pair of brown or tan dress shoes, and matching leather belt.

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You may not wish to wear a complete suit on your wedding day, however consider investing in a sports jacket or blazer to throw on top of your trousers for the photos. A navy sports jacket is a smart addition to taupe or grey trousers.

Whatever you choose to wear on your big day, remember to attend to the small details. Be sure to be cleanly shaven, have your shoes polished, wear the rights socks and most importantly smile and enjoy the day.

Finally a Small Tip

Hold your partners hand. Your big day will fly past so fast, so make sure to spend it together and not on other sides of the room.

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