Choice is a funny thing. Not enough of it, and we feel unsatisfied. Too much of it and we feel confused and exhausted. Either way, we're setup to make a wrong decision.

A common experience when hunting for that perfect tie and shirt combination. Sure you've found that perfect suit, but with so many different options finishing off the entire look can be a tiresome process. From the different colours, fabrics and patterns. It gets tricky quick!


Commonly overlooked, your choice in tie fabric is largely dependent on the occasion, weather and the look you're trying to achieve.


Beginning with the most common, silk ties tend to have a nice sheen and fall nicely. Making them the appropriate choice for your business functions and formal events.

Cotton and Linen

Being natural fibres, cotton and linen ties make a great choice for the warmer months. Especially for any semi-formal functions or outdoor get-togethers. Their rough textures give them a more relaxed look, compared to their silk counterpart.

Knitted Ties

The more contentious tie choice, knitted ties offer a fresh smart-casual style. A sharp choice for your chino pants and sport coat combinations. Just don't wear it into the boardroom.


Once you've decided on what tie you're looking for, it's time to decide from the different colour and pattern options. This isn't rocket science.

For weddings and formal functions, experiment with different paisley and floral ties. Both patterns you generally wouldn't wear to the office.

Conservative patterns are more appropriate for work functions and client meetings. Polka dots, stripes and checked ties are all safe options.

Avoid mixing different shirt and tie patterns. A solid coloured shirt will allow you to be more creative in your tie choice.


As you will guess by our selection, we love colour! We're forever trying different colours. However if you're a little unsure, start off slow and build your way up to it.

For work functions and important meetings stick with conservative colours that work well with your complexation. Blues and Purples are generally accepted in most places. If you want to make impact, try adding a red tie.

For formal events you can't go wrong with a black or white tie. Find one with a nice self-pattern to avoid wearing a plain school-boy tie.

For birthdays and get togethers the choice is yours. Experiment with different colours. Bright orange, yellow and red look great with the right shirt, and are sure to receive a few compliments.

It's important to remember, the goal is not to match your shirt or suit. It is to compliment it. The tie you choose needs to work with your outfit.

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