With a deep history that's hard to pinpoint, monk strap shoes are amongst the most advanced styles. Reserved for the trendy, this versatile choice is perfect for the modern working man.

The history of the monk shoe (or monk strap) can be traced back to Europe. Where monks favoured this closed style for the additional protection they offered, compared to the sandals they originally wore.

Monk Straps

Monk shoes have no laces, and are defined by a strap and buckle closure. Make a sharp impression during business hours, or impress your lady after hours. Popular styles of this shoe often include a toe cap, brogue detail or are finished in a suede leather.

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Well-made monk straps are typically constructed from one of two uppers.


the more 'iconic' choice are perfect for your favourite tailoring and suiting. Good quality leathers will age with wear, giving your pair some extra personality. Black is the more formal option, and looks great worn with your black suits. Alternatively varying shades of brown, tan and oxblood are all versatile and can be paired with your navy and grey suits. You may also choose to pair yours with your favourite denim.


A casual alternative, whilst still being relatively versatile. Perfect for your denim jeans and chino pants. If you're feeling brave, experiment wearing yours with cuffed bottoms and no socks. Be careful to avoid any spills, as suede leather will absorb liquids. To be on the safe side, we suggest applying a suede & nubuck protector prior to wear.

Start your collection with a leather pair, that can be worn in both a formal and casual setting. As mentioned earlier, a nice brown colour will allow you to wear yours out with most suit colours. The additional style will add some flavour to your wardrobe, and give your outfits a new look. Give those derby and oxford styles a break for now!