Generally speaking, most men don't like shopping for new clothes. Shopping for a new car or tools is a completely different thing.
So unless its for an important job interview (or hot date), most guys try to avoid shopping. There's no doubt, clothes shopping can be a difficult task. Thankfully good-old fashioned 'customer-service' can help make the entire experience a little more enjoyable.

Can't work out the sizing

Whether you buy a 700ml bottle of Makers Mark, Wild Turkey or Canadian Club, you can expect exactly the same amount of bourbon in each bottle. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about clothing. A large in one shirt may fit completely different to a large in another. With so many different cuts and fits available, finding the right size can be a frustrating issue. For this reason, we suggest trying everything on in the store. Sure it can be annoying, but it's better than finding out once you get home.

If the different fits isn't enough to frustrate you, the different measurements may confuse you. For instance, some shirts are sized; S, M, L. Others may be measured in cm's (38, 39, 40), whilst other shirts are measured in inches (14.5, 15.5 and 16.5). To keep it simple, think Kph and Mph. Both measure the speed variable, just expressed differently. To see the comparisons of each size, view our size guide.

Depending on the origin of your garment, the manufacturer is likely to use one measurement over another. For example, most UK brands will use the inch's measurement. It's also quite common for brands to use the general (S,M,L) sizing on casual shirts, and the more specific cm or inches sizing for dress shirts.

Not sure what's in style

As you would imagine, some guys aren't really interested in men's style or clothing. That is, until they have a hot date they have to impress! Then they're all up for it! These are the guys that go shopping with no idea of what looks stylish, or what we stopped wearing 10 years ago. Instead hope that once they venture out, something will immediately 'jump' off the shelves. However in reality; after having spent an hour looking at different suits, shirts or jeans, everything begins to look the same. If you don't know what you're shopping for, it can be a really horrible experience.

Not sure what to wear/what's appropriate

Black Tie, White Tie, Smart-Casual? In addition to not knowing what's in style, you may also be confused as to what to wear to a wedding or 40th birthday party. Different occasions, call for a different dress code. After all, you wouldn't go to a wedding wearing a pair of jeans and t-shirt.

Without knowing what you're shopping for, it can be quite frustrating. So before you head out, work out exactly what it is your shopping for. This will save a lot of the confusion.

Simply not interested

Some guys are just not that interested in men's clothing and thus don't make any effort. Their lack of interest and effort makes the entire 'shopping process' increasingly difficult and frustrating.

Thankfully some stores (Menzclub) still offer old-fashioned 'service'.

With experienced staff in each store, our aim is to make take the stress out of shopping, and make it an enjoyable experience. We understand that some guys would prefer to spend their free time working on a car in the garage, so our experienced staff can help you with all of the points listed above.

It's no longer your job to worry about the different sizes and fits. You don't need to worry about the latest trends. We've done all the work for you.