Leaving home on a Melbourne winter morning can be a risky game. Will it rain? Will the sun come out? Will it be cold? Getting it right can be a near impossible task, when all three options have the possibility of being right on any particular day. Get a step ahead, and be prepared for whatever Melbourne throws our way.

Here are our suggestions on the four different jackets and coats you need in your winter wardrobe.

Winter Coat

Perfect for those cold winter mornings, while you wait at the station for your train to arrive. Whether it be a peacoat, trench coat or over coat, this style of jacket is going to be the more formal of your jacket collection. Making it a good choice for the office. Wear it over your favourite winter suit jacket, or loose the suit jacket and wear your coat with your tailored trousers, shirt and tie.

For longevity, we suggest sticking with a wool coat that finishes just above the knee. Full length coats tend to be fairly; heavy, annoying and well just look like uniform. Both single breasted or double breasted coats are perfectly fine, and look ultra sharp when worn correctly.

There’s no shortage of options, but if you don’t plan on wearing it too often, buy a plain black or navy coat. For those that wear coats fairly regular, this is your chance to experiment with something outside the ordinary. A subtle check pattern is always a winner when it comes to coats.

Sport Coat

For those semi-formal occasions, where your favourite bomber jacket just won’t cut it. You’ll need a smart blazer. If you’re looking to stay warm, we recommend wool. Being a natural fibre, it will keep you warm whilst still offering high breathability.

A structured blazer is always sure to make a sharper impression, but if you’re tired of your standard jackets opt for a unstructured blazer. Hard to find, these appear a little more relaxed and are not as tailored. For extreme versatility navy is the colour of choice. Alternatively we encourage brighter colours and adventurous patterns.

It’s also important to keep in mind most wool or cotton blazers are transeasonal, and can be worn throughout the entire year. They're also low maintenance.

Casual Jacket

Your winter go-to jacket. This is the jacket you can wear to both the footy, or out for Sunday brunch. As a general rule, we suggest sticking with a jacket that finishes around the waist. This ensures you’ll keep warm, whilst still providing some flexibility and comfort.

A lightly padded jacket makes a cool choice, and can be worn with a pair of chino pants and tailored shirt, or casually with your favourite jeans and t-shirt. Your parka jackets, bomber jackets, denim jackets and leather jackets all fall into this category.

Living in Melbourne, it’s worth keeping in mind you’ll want a jacket that is fairly water resistant. Most jackets with a cotton or polyester outer should do the trick just fine.

Puffer Vests

On those in-between days (which Melbourne has plenty of) you’ll want a casual puffer vest. An interesting option, that has proved popular. Wear yours casually with denim jeans or chino pants.